The 3 February 2024 LITERARY WALK - 1000m OF AUTHORS

Practical information

Schedule: 1:30 p.m.
Location: MUZOO, reception

Organized by 1000m d'auteur-e-s.

Saturday, February 3rd
Ancestral delinquency.

MUZOO is delighted to welcome you as the starting point for the "Délinquance ancestrale" literary walk.
Along the streets, never-before-seen crime vignettes by Karim Boukhris will shed light on local court cases, a discovery of delinquency in the 19th century.

A chat with the author will be held at Club 44 at the end of the tour.

Readings by Christiane Margraitner, Karim Boukhris and Raymond Pouchon

The walk lasts about 1h30, warm clothes and good shoes recommended!

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