Nestled in its new green setting at the Zoo site, the museum is preparing to reopen to the public. Looking forward, the new museum will host an immersive exhibition on the topic of the biodiversity crisis, as well as a shop, a café and a wide range of events and talks. Most importantly, the museum is looking forward to welcoming people back!


The zoo is a much-loved venue in the city and one of the most popular sites in La Chaux-de-Fonds and the canton. Created in 1891, the animal park in the Bois du Petit-Château has been developed and extended over the years to become a real zoo with a vivarium section. For several years now, the new strategic plan has been to keep fewer species in more areas, in line with current animal welfare regulations.

Our history

The current site combines the Natural History Museum and the Bois du Petit-Château Zoo. Discover the history of these two institutions from their original creation to their current amalgamation