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Support us


If you’d like to make a donation without having to make a bank transfer, you can also place money in the piggy banks available in the park.

You’ll find them in the following locations:

– Near the Zoo’s south entrance
– Under the cover of the new otter enclosure
– In front of the lynx enclosure

Many thanks for your donations.

Supporting the care station

The care station is run with the help of volunteers, and donations are essential. We need your donations to continue our work.

You can send them to the association des “Amis du Bois du Petit Château” on CCP :
23-2900-0 (IBAN CH89 0900 0000 2300 2900 0) marked “station de soins”.

Friends of the Museum

The company was founded in 1921 on the initiative of Dr Albert Monard. Its aim is to enrich the museum’s collections, improve their presentation and enhance their value.

Friends of Bois du Petit-Château

The association contributes to the enhancement of the zoo and supports a modern presentation of the animals to improve their well-being.
It centralizes donations for the zoo and the wild animal care station.

Volunteer work

If you love animals, are available and have a lot of patience, you can be a great help to us. You can support the nursing station directly by working as a volunteer.
Here are our requirements:

– every morning throughout the year.
– every afternoon during the
from April to September.

If you are available on a regular basis and can attend at least half a day a week, please call the secretary’s office for more information on 032 967 65 00.