The 30 November 2023 MUSEUM AFTER-WORK!

Practical information

5:00 p.m. Bar opening
Entrance via Replat du Dahu 1

Activities and museum admission free.
Cash bar.

Buffet of tasty snacks and unusual activities!

An alpaca squeeze and a game of "Resilience Jenga"?
Or how about a glass of white wine and a "DNA similarity quiz"?
Or just mineral water and a microscopic dive into the world's oxygen factory?

The event is accompanied by music from Kapha.

The Kapha project is about snippets of stories, experiences, life stories, sensations that come and go within oneself and others.
This project is a call to put down roots and reconnect with life.

Come celebrate the end of your day in your new bar - at the museum, of course!

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