Missions de la station
de soins

Please call the animal care centre

on 079 737 11 23 before bringing in

an injured animal

Since 2005, we have taken care of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds that are injured, sick, or that have fallen out of their nest, in line with animal welfare regulations. Each year, our attentive care helps save the lives of several dozen common swifts, common kestrels, small passerines, hedgehogs, fawns and fox cubs.


The animal care centre takes in wild animals that are injured or unable to cope on their own, with a view to releasing them back into their natural habitat once they are well. The centre also works to raise public awareness on protecting wild animals and natural environments. The animal care centre’s work is all the more important given that most of the animals brought in to the centre have been injured as a result of human activities (domestic cats, road accidents, hitting windows, etc.).

Each year, over 500 creatures are taken in, the majority of which are birds and small mammals: sparrows, common swifts, hedgehogs, squirrels, bats… The animals often arrive in critical condition which jeopardises their chances of recovery. Around 50% are released back into the wild and, although this rate varies from year to year, it is in line with release rates in other care centres. Some species are admitted in large numbers, while others are rarer. Irrespective of the species, each animal admitted receives the appropriate care and attention.

Our animal care centre is officially recognised and authorised by the Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel.

If you have any questions about bats, you can also contact the Neuchatel branch of the Western Co-ordination Centre (CCO) for the Study and Protection of Bats, or go direct to their website for practical advice and information.

New infirmary

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Friends of the Bois du Petit-Château Association has been able to finance extension and renovation work on the animal care centre. Veterinary care, pharmaceutical products and special food are essential to guarantee successful outcomes in our care work. Further info on the Friends of the Bois du Petit-Château Association page.