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common redstart group

Set up in 2003, this is a group of birdwatchers dedicated to this charming bird.


Le Cercle Naturaliste des Montagnes Neuchâteloises (The Neuchatel Mountain Nature Circle) – or “CENAMONE” for short – is a group for people interested in the flora and fauna of our mountains and valleys.


Building reroofing work is making it increasingly difficult for common swifts to find suitable nesting sites. We can help these birds by leaving crevices available to them or by installing special nest boxes which are set into the façades of buildings.


Thanks to an exhibition dedicated to this legendary creature, along with the publication of a monograph printed by publishers Éditions de la Girafe, the Natural History Museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds has been an international centre of excellence in the study of the Dahu since 1995.


The Doubs Nature Park (Parc Naturel Régional du Doubs) spans an area of 300 sq. km and extends from the banks of the Doubs river to the plateau of the Franches-Montagnes and Neuchatel mountains.


The Swiss Co-ordination Centre for the Study and Protection of Bats is divided into the Western Co-ordination Centre (CCO) for French-speaking Switzerland and the KOF for eastern Switzerland.


PhycoEco is an independent body which specialises in environmental analysis. Its collections and offices are located on the MUZOO site.