Friends of the Museum

Created by Dr. Albert Monard in 1921, The Society of Friends of the Natural History Museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds (SAMHNC) is designed to enrich the museum collections and enhance how they are presented and showcased, with publications for example. The Society has over 800 members who pay a minimum subscription fee of 8.00 CHF.

These contributions have enabled the Society to support the museum in publishing articles in the journal Cahiers du MHNC for example, or to purchase naturalist works of art. The Society is also committed to pledging a minimum of 300,000 CHF to the museum in aid of the new museography.

Every year, the Society organises an excursion to a sister museum.

The Committee of the SAMHNC includes:

  • Fabien Fivaz, Chair, elected at the AGM on 9 September 2020
  • Sarah Steinweg Clark, Secretary
  • André Chaboudez, Treasurer
  • Daniel Christen, Assessor
  • Jean-Daniel Blant, Assessor
  • Nicolas Margraf, Natural History Museum Curator

By joining the Friends of the Museum, you will:

  • Actively support the museum.
  • Help finance an innovative, modern museography in the new museum.
  • Build a special connection with the museum and its collections.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to participate in the annual excursion with a member of the Zoological Institutions.
  • Contribute to the success of the Society.


MUZOO Administration, tel. 032 967 65 00,


SAMHNC bank giro: 23-2391-6

Minimum annual subscription fee: 8.00 CHF

Download the articles of association