In May, the fine weather marks the return of swifts to our skies!

The first signs of swifts can be seen in mid-April in the Neuchatel mountains and coastlines. But, we have to wait until early May until common swifts are regularly spotted here in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

In fact, some years, a few individuals will arrive early to scout the area and quietly secure their nesting sites. Difficult to spot, these birds can occasionally be found by people who know that swifts are nesting on their properties.

All summer long, flights of swifts wheeling high over the watchmaking metropolis are a regular feature. Spot them while you can as they migrate back to hotter climes from August onwards.

If you are unfamiliar with the call of a flock of swifts, you can listen to this on the site of the ornithological centre in Sempach.

We encourage owners of favourable buildings to site nest boxes under the roof of their property to support this iconic species. These nest boxes are on sale at the museum for 30.00 CHF each.

Alternatively, you can order a nest box by calling 032 967 60 71 or by emailing info@muzoo.ch.

One tip if you are adding nest boxes in a location that is not an existing swift nest site: Place a speaker on a window ledge and play a recording of swift calls from 9 to 10am and from 7 to 9pm, when the birds will be nearby.