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Cercle Naturaliste des Montagnes Neuchâteloises (CENAMONE)

The Cercle Naturaliste des Montagnes Neuchâteloises (CENAMONE) brings together people interested in the fauna (and flora) of our mountains and valleys.

Founded in 1988 under the name COMONE (Cercle Ornithologique des Montagnes Neuchâteloises), it was renamed in 2018 to better reflect its expanded activities. It is made up of different groups who communicate their observations via a bulletin published three times a year, with the support of the La Chaux-de-Fonds Natural History Museum.

Info-CENAMONE contains articles about :

– Ornithological chronicle of the Neuchâtel Jura
– Protecting Swifts
– Grandes-Crosettes amphibian protection group
– Groupe de protection des amphibiens des étangs des Eplatures (Eplatures Ponds Amphibian Protection Group)
– Parcs Gallet et des Crêtets project
– White-fronted Redstart group
– Chiroptera Neuchâtel – CCO

As well as other articles and presentations of specific projects

To receive Info-CENAMONE or to support our activities, simply write to

Cercle Naturaliste des Montagnes Neuchâteloises-CENAMONE
Replat du Dahu 1
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
CCP 17-242978-5

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You can download some of the latest bulletins. If you would like older pdf files, please write to:

Appendix to Yvan Matthey’s article. No 136.